♀️ # Venus in #Sagittarius next to the #nodosur, we are going to free ourselves from toxicity, the intense purge continues, can we embrace the process? venture on the trip?

🌌We come feeling a lot of load in relationships, rebalancing our desire and that of the other, discovering when we cancel ourselves by being complacent, or the other way around, when we step over the other and act selfishly. We have to admit what we really want and offer what gives us pleasure and well-being, from there accept the other and update agreements.

⭐The encrypted info lights up, something clicks, the bandages fall so that we can see and accept what is Real today, it is urgent to commit ourselves and take responsibility for this Truth that becomes a body. This is not easy to digest, it hurts, it sinks deep into our soul and at the same time it is a balm of honesty with ourselves.

🧘‍♀️Let us listen to our senses, this range of emotions that are asking us to reset, a deep physical-psycho-emotional detoxification, facing our old and ingrained fears.

👁Let’s question old beliefs about Love, Courage and Bond. Let us give ourselves a chance to re-discover ourselves, to inhabit those places where we can be, flow and enjoy the journey that is to love.

🌈What does not kill us strengthens us and transforms us forever. When we leave the cave, when we free ourselves from attachment and resentment, a resilient sense emerges, an arrow of fire ignites in the soul and revitalizes us, redirects us towards a new horizon. Let’s open our inner sky and tune in to our own magic, let’s validate our intuitive instinct, let ourselves be guided by life, trust in becoming and in a new Reality.

Venus is encounter, it is to be open, permeable to the beauty of Life that is, that abounds, moves us, crosses us and that we are also. Now it is about opening ourselves to new possibilities, to get out of those beliefs of what the bond “should” be, to break the ideas that keep us from love, allowing us to unlearn and re-experiment.

I read you, I hug you
Agu 💜