The love I seek, I am
The friendship that I adore, I am
The connections I desire, I am
The love of a couple, reciprocity, companionship, complicity, deep intimacy, I Am.
Sacred sexuality, enjoyment, joy, empathic embrace, compassion, vulnerability, I Am.

Honoring the Bond with me comes first, loving me, caring for me, respecting me, valuing me, it starts with me and from there it replicates, magnetizes and re-creates with the whole world.

I don’t fall in love, I am love.

Who can give or receive what is not? Make a list of everything you want in your life, in another, in your links. Look at the list and honestly ask yourself if all that is already in you? Do you talk to yourself how you want others to talk to you? Do you look at yourself and treat yourself as you want others to look at you and treat you?

If so, celebrate, pamper yourself and continue watering… if not, this is the ideal time for you to start prioritizing yourself and cultivating what you want from you.

Make the list of qualities you admire in others and start working on them in yourself. If you do not observe yourself, if you are not aware of who you are, you will not be able to be love and fear will take over you. Fear is the exact opposite of love. Love expands, fear contracts, with fear you close, with love you open. With fear you doubt, with love you trust, in fear you stay, with love you thank and enter into Communion with Life.

This New Moon in Libra conjunct Venus and Mercury, opposition Jupiter Neptune, asks that we go for Love with everything, that we stop minimizing ourselves or settle for what there is and encourage ourselves to love and desire big! The magic of synchronicity is in the air… do you get on?

Let’s tune into a New Rhythm, the Focus is on our relationships and the dynamics that ask to reprioritize Love and Reciprocity.

The Sowing Portal opens, the beginning of a new cycle, understanding that whenever something begins it is because we had to let go before, we are going to inhabit the empty space of what no longer goes and it is right there where Life opens to a new opportunity.

How are you feeling? What do you do to love each other more today?

«I love myself, I honor myself, I respect myself, I prioritize myself and from the Love in me is that I attract everything I want to share»

I love us