Transpersonal Astrology is a sacred language that allows us to understand ourselves and take action for our patterns, repetitive mechanisms, fears, talents, emotions.
This Path opens us to Evolutionary vision, awakening into Consciousness, the practice of Self-Observation, opening the Intuition and Perception from the depths of your Being.
You will discover how to connect with your true potential.

To perform the reading we need your date, time and place of birth.
You can write and audio record during the session



Tarot is sacred oracle, mirror of archetypes from the Universal Soul.
Key & Portal to Consciousness, it invites us to enter into the Mysteries of the Being, illuminating our Essential Purpose. We take a therapeutical approach, with empathy, respect & evolutionary attitude.

In reading we ask for advice for a situation, link or path to take that is mobilizing you. If you need to make a decision, this energy key gives us Perspective and Clarity. We consult the Arcana asking for guidance to take an active role in our Life

Bach Flowers 

therapeutical process

Health is being in Harmony with our Soul ”- Edward Bach.

The Bach System contains 38 subtle Essences that, with the vibration of each Flower, its Spirit and Medicine, stimulate the body’s defenses, towards emotional balance and self-healing, helping us face illness and Heal.
Is not really the symptom, but what triggers it, the root of the conflict, we go for the cause that originates the evil.
In the session, I will create a unique preparation, based on your personality and your emotional process, flowers treat fear, anger, depression, anxiety, apathy, hatred, resentment, sadness, tiredness, despair, demotivation, insomnia, trauma. Facing psychosomatic illnesses, psychological and emotional disorders, balancing our emotions and thoughts, strengthening the Will to Be and Do in Harmony.

Bach flowers can be used together with other medical treatments, since they do not generate side effects or dependency, they are recommended for babies, children, adults, pregnant women and animals.

Womb Iam

munay ki ritual

The Rite of the Uterus, invoking Healing and Empowerment of the Feminine energy, awakening the Creative Force in your Matrix, calling the Goddess who lives within you.

Your Uterus is a jar that attracts, magnetizes, generates and transforms energy, your womb beats the rythm of Life, you can gestate, incubate, give birth and give birth, not only to procreate children, but also to connect to your Essential Being. We are going to channel this flow, raising your Power of Manifestation.

In a Sacred Shamanic Ceremony, we receive the keys to free ourselves from unconscious obediences of genealogical inheritance, cleaning, releasing, updating, bringing us to presence. Honoring the lineage of ancestors, exploring emotions, patterns, drive, Vulnerability and Sexuality, learning from our cyclical nature, Healing and Loving our Life.

In the session we hold space to open up and receive a loving, compassionate listening, we will propose concrete and simple practices.

Reiki & Akash

healing energy

Reiki & Akash are powerfull energetic sources, ill access to a Space-Time where the memories of the Universal Soul, the archives of the Collective Unconscious, are kept in infinity. As Humanes we go through thousands of incarnations, the Akash is like the “Cloud”, it stores all the infor of previous lives and what we bring to unfold in this incarnation. We are going to discover the unconscious causes that limit your reality, I will channel this energy flow, invoking well-being, relaxation, balancing chakras, generating a deep calm, integrating body, mind & spirit, for Unity. Reiki works on anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, resentment, lack of will, grieving, insomnia and all kinds imbalance, the energy acts on the cause that originates the discomfort and harmonizes us. We will enlight, detox, clean and reset vital energy 
Virtual sessions

Yoga & Meditation


We practice Silence, diving inside, Cultivating Peace and Communion.
There is a Treasure behind the Automatic Mind. 🕯
Your Sacred BEING awaits. 
You are Consciousness, Unity, Love

🙌Benefits of Practicing Meditation:
⭐ Decreases Stress and Anxiety.
⭐Relax Mind, improve Memory and Focus.
⭐ Reduces blood pressure and muscle tension.
⭐ Balance and Learn to Inhabit your Emotions.
⭐ Practice in Personal Consciousness.
⭐ Facilitates entry and deepens the Dream.
⭐ Improve your Health in a Comprehensive way. It is not necessary to have experience, only Openness and Will.

🗝Discover the 5th Essence, another Dimension of Being opens in this same Reality.