Unifying the Paths I love!
Astrology & Yoga are a Philosophy within a Practice where we can re-discover ourselves into Transformation & Empowerment, generating coherence, bringing us back to our Essential Being.

We open the energy from the zodiac & the current influencing planets thru your natal chart. We look into how to make the most out of these transits, compliment theory and insights with corresponding Asanas, activating physical body, breathwork & Visualization. We end with a meditation, re-establishing inner connection, invoking Peace and Unity.

Everybody is welcome on a gentle flow,
sessions are 1:1 & small groups, i hold space into deep insights.
Come as you are, with your mat, comfy clothes, water bottle, you will be able to ask, debate and take notes.


Womb Tribe

sacred female Circle

Experiencing the Holly Womb Ritual, invoking Healing & Empowerment, opening the Heart, awakening the Creative Force, the sensorial & pleasure gifts of the Goddess that inhabits us. Diving into our cyclical, emotional & regenerative nature, calling the Witch, sharing experiences, generating a network of empathy and sisterhood.

Utero is a magic Jar that attracts, magnetizes, generates & transforms energy, your womb beats at the rythm of Life, you can gestate, incubate, give birth and create, not just children, plus the connection within your Inner Goddess, come channel this flow.

Sacred Ceremony to free ourselves from memories and unconscious obediences of the genealogical tree, cleaning, releasing, updating, bringing us into presence, uniting Utero-Heart. Honoring the lineage , exploring emotion and drive, linking Vulnerability and Sexuality, becoming Conscious, learning to live from our nature, Healing and Loving the Life that We Are. We share in a loving and compassionate listening space, free from judgment. We will share practices for your process in your daily life.

Moon Synchro

astro & psico magic Ritual

Synchronizing with the Moon is rediscovering our cyclical nature, embracing the rhythm of our emotions, remembering that she moves the tides and all the waters, being ourselves 75% Water.

We are going to share the energy that moves each lunation, following its phases and the movement through the signs, feeling and understanding its constant influence in our Lives.

We will see how the current transit influences us, on a collective and personal level, sharing the issues that go through us to take advantage of it consciously.

Transpersonal Astrology proposes a Practice where we discover ourselves in Synchrony with Organic and Cosmic Time, bringing ourselves to Presence and activating the source of Consciousness that inhabits our Being, iin the high key encounters of Shamanism, Psychomagic and more.