There will be people who will feel inspired by your Being, by your doing. There will also be people who are afraid of your potential and will try to stop you from Being, doing things, or moving forward, you just focus on inspiration and go through sabotage.

Full Moon in Aries, cycle closure and new impulse. Leave the past behind, this is the time to reset, start again.

If you have a dream, a vision, a huge desire within you, if it is sincere, if it comes from the heart, if it is coherent, from the conscience, towards your mind, with love, if it is aligned with a greater good, if it you feel it arrive and your skin shivers, if it has adrenaline for change, if you are smiling just by visualizing it, then it is real and it is already yours. We have come to this plane to manifest something heavenly.

Focus, what you give attention to grows. What is your higlight? Silence the voices (internal or external) of fear, of criticism, of unworthiness.

Break the chains of the clan, release the restrictions of your past self, mistrust and tear down that narrative of complaint, of the impossible, now take the leap, advance through your self-limitations, dare to assume true commitment, it is with your mission, hearing the call, loyalty first with you.

Focus on your desire, turn on your inner engine, your sacred flame, that enormous willpower, and go ahead. do not let anything, or anyone, distract you, if obstacles appear, if you make a mistake, if you fall, integrate it into the process, I understand that it is an essential part of the path, so I choose to learn, embrace the emotion, the wisdom of the experience, everything What I have experienced is key and a sign on my path. I fall and I get up, I keep going.

Resilient, with a focused mind and an open heart, I am going to conquer what I am passionate about, that ignites me with joy, I am going to occupy my role, give myself my place in the world. Recognizing that it is my birthright to come to this planet to create something beautiful, that fills me with enthusiasm, with a thirst for life, that in everything adds up and contributes to my community.

Along the way fears will appear, ghosts, people boycotting your potential, some will try to dissuade you, question you… but you have to make sure you don’t boycott yourself, affirm that you are no longer afraid of being who you are, embrace courage to occupy in the world the place that by divine right corresponds to you.

Declare that nothing and no one has the power to take away what you deserve and that the only person who can manifest the reality you dream of is you. Focus, you’ve arrived.

Be clear about your priorities, keep your eyes fixed there, do one thing at a time, each day one step, one step forward, visualize, focus on what you long for, what you want is already yours!

How do you feel these days?

I love us