Thanks for being here, welcome home!
I am Agustina, I love connecting, learning, transmitting and accompanying you on this journey of transformation to your Essential Being, while we give birth to the new world. I am passionate about the esoteric arts and the integration of Mind, Body and Spirit! I am a Transpersonal Astrologer, Tarot reader, Guardian of the Uterus, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Dance and Movement Institute. I studied Jungian Psychology, Shamanism, Bach Flowers, Herbalism, Metaphysics, Bio-decoding, Psycho-Magic, Reiki, Dreaming and Akásh, I use these keys, adapting them to what you need for your process.

Already as a child I felt that I did not fit in, among so many labels that I rejected, I began to define myself as a Seeker, I took the challenge as a mission, my adventure and who Searches, Finds. Looking at Sky, Moon, Flowers, Animals, I intuited that “SOMETHING ELSE” and destiny guided me to my Guides, Mentors and Shamans, the compass, the instinct, the synchrony, my Heart.
Travel & living thru different countries, open my sight & deepen my bond with myself and Mommy Earth, to honor her Medicine, sacred plants, I discovered that my Body is also her, I am Organic and Cosmic! The Goddess dwells in me. Self Chase, Observation of oneself, De-construction of Mind, body and food, in a constant process, from Routine to Ritual. Personal Practice towards the Transpersonal Being. Systemic Vision, assuming my Commitment in all Love and Serve.



Transpersonal Astrology is a sacred language that allows us to understand ourselves and take action for our patterns, repetitive mechanisms, fears, talents, emotions.
This Path opens us to Evolutionary vision, awakening into Consciousness, the practice of Self-Observation, opening the Intuition and Perception from the depths of your Being.
You will discover how to connect with your true potential.

To perform the reading we need your date, time and place of birth.
You can write and audio record during the session



Tarot is sacred oracle, mirror of archetypes from the Universal Soul.
Key & Portal to Consciousness, it invites us to enter into the Mysteries of the Being, illuminating our Essential Purpose. We take a therapeutical approach, with empathy, respect & evolutionary attitude.

In reading we ask for advice for a situation, link or path to take that is mobilizing you. If you need to make a decision, this energy key gives us Perspective and Clarity. We consult the Arcana asking for guidance to take an active role in our Life