Welcome! It´s so great to have you here!

It is a pleasure for me to receive you in this space to share the path back to our Essential Being.
I introduce myself, I´m Agus and my purpose is to accompany you and provide you with spiritual & practical keys for you to deeply know & love yourself, to develop your true potential.
I tell you a little about my energies, I am Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus and my rising is Sagittarius. Intuitively I let myself be guided and Life was marking the path that brought me here, today I can say that I am a Transpersonal Astrologer, Tarotist, Guardian of the Uterus, Holistic Therapist and Yoga and Meditation Instructor.

I was trained in Jungian Psychology, Shamanism, Bach Flowers, Herbalism, Metaphysics, Bio-decoding, Psycho-Magic, Metagenealogy, Alchemy, Reiki, Shiat-Su and Akashic Records. You will see that in my classes and sessions I use all these keys depending on what you are needing for your process.

I am a nomad, I love discovering new cultures and landscapes, and I enjoy meeting new forms of healing such as Medicine Singing and Tribal Dance. I continue in constant learning and training, every day I dedicate myself to writing and transmitting the tools of Transformation. I am passionate about this Path, I feel the mission is to share this call, accompany you to discover your energies and enhance them for your evolution.

I remember feeling strange as a child, always being the one who did not fit in anywhere, that made me sad, frustrated, but the resilient spirit always appeared in me that encouraged me to continue exploring the “why” of my uniqueness, so I began to define myself as a Seeker of Meaning and took the challenge as a mission, a great adventure and who Seeks, Finds.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, surrounded by buildings and accelerated rhythms, but I did not feel part of that, I lived looking at the Sky, the Moon, the Flowers, the Animals, immersed in my Internal World, I sensed that there was “SOMETHING ELSE” And when I was 22 years old, I decided to go out, Travel, discover my Being, along the way I was meeting very wise and generous Masters and Guides. The compass was my instinct, to flow with synchrony, to live listening to my Heart. The trip throughout Latin America, led me to deepen my bond with Mother Earth and to honor her Medicine, the sacred plants, there I discovered that my Body is also Earth, I am Organic and Cosmic!

I began to walk the Sacred Feminine & Womb Path, to listen to my cycles, my emotional tides, to get involved in my feelings, offering my Blood to Pachamama, healing my sexuality, awakening my Creative Force and honoring the feminine lineage. My uterus throbs and my Intuition began to open more and more. I felt Magic sprouting from my hands, I learned to dance with so much energy, taking the challenge of Observing myself, learning to De-construct myself to return to the Essential. Transforming my Mind, my words, my way of speaking, inhabiting my body and feeding. Taking new habits, in a constant process, from Routine to Ritual. The Personal Practice towards the Transpersonal Being, opening the Systemic, Human, Planetary Vision, assuming my Commitment to Love and Serve in everything.

Transpersonal Astrology


Transpersonal Astrology is a sacred language that allows us to understand ourselves and take responsibility for our patterns, mechanisms, bonds, fears, talents, and emotions. This Path opens us to the Evolutionary vision, awakening our Consciousness. Assuming the practice of Self-Observation, opening ourselves to the Intuition and Perception that lives in the depths of Being ... We are going to discover how to connect with our true potential. At the meeting, we propose concrete action possibilities for your Life.

To perform the reading we need your date, time and place of birth. You can write and record during the session, so that you have a record where to return to.

Evolutionary Tarot


Tarot is a sacred oracle, mirror of the Universal Soul. This Key is the Portal of Consciousness, it invites us to enter the Mysteries of the Being, illuminating our Essential Purpose. The approach is Evolutionary and Humanistic.

In reading we ask for advice for a situation, link or path to take that is mobilizing you. If you need to make a decision, this energy key gives us Perspective and Clarity. We consult the Arcana asking for guidance to take an active role in our Life

Tarot session
In the consultation we work with your current process and I also use Transpersonal Psychology and Astrology keys to accompany you.
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