Tarot is a sacred oracle, mirror of the Universal Soul, through the Archetypes, it contains in itself all the expressions of the Collective Unconscious. This Key is the Portal of Light and Consciousness, it invites us to enter the Mysteries of the Being, revealing ancestral memories, lighting the Way towards the Essential Purpose. The approach is Evolutionary and Humanistic. Training is Experiential, theoretical-practical modality, we work with the Tarot of Marseille.



In the Initial Workshop we go through each of the 22 Arcana, invoking its energy, meditating on its symbol, deepening its meaning, from The Fool to The World. We will embark on the journey through the wonderful world of the Major Arcana, at the end you will be able to interpret from 2 basic runs.




In this Advanced Workshop, it is necessary to have basic knowledge about Major Arcana, since we will continue to delve into the Mysteries of the Oracle, passing through the 56 cards, recognizing each of the 4 Suits, Pentacles, Wands, Cups and Swords, from Ace to 10 and figures, Jack, Horse, Queen and King. Advancing in the practice with Elements, opening ourselves to Numerology, invoking its energy, symbol and meaning, at the end you will be able to interpret from 4 basic runs.

Virtual Classes