🌘 #Eclipse Effect: Hello #Shadow!

That dark side, what we don’t want to see, because it hurts and they made us believe that it’s easier to put it out, project it on something or someone…

is it always the other who harms and is to blame for what happens? Will I have something to do with the future of my framework?

These are days to feel deeply, to enter into intimacy with oneself, recognize fears, look them in the face, reconnect with ghosts and monsters that we had left under the carpet. In the journey of Consciousness it is fundamental to enter into a bond and recognition with the shadow itself, it is she who helps us to free ourselves from judgments that we use to label, both ourselves and others.

In the West culture they teach us to admire the Light, to believe that we should only be the best, what remains beautiful, to cover the pain, so that if we are sad it is not noticed, to hide behind superficial facades, but it is essential to go to meet with the totality of our authentic being and for there to be Light, there is always Shadow, to discover my talent, it is necessary to attend to where I get stuck, where it hurts, where I failed myself. Only seeing, assuming and accepting is that I begin to transmute it.

Did you notice the old/toxic pattern come back? Did they react? Did they breathe? Let’s open ourselves to a new experience, let’s break the pattern…

Ready to transcend and transform?

I read you, I hug you

Agu ❤️