Opening doors, pores, minds, hearts, capturing vibes of love, desire to meet, letting ourselves be carried away by that magnetism that unites our skins, that mirrors our souls, that intertwines our lives. Enjoying walking through this adventure that is living together, sharing, complementing each other, adoring our differences, seeking new agreements to move forward, choosing and affirming the desire to be together.

Here we go, I attend to the call to Be in Relationship, intending balance and reciprocity in our bonds, because beauty is even more beautiful when we share it with that person, with that look, that smile of someone in the mirror is part of our joy. It is time to open like a flower, to choose the courage of love, to have courage and to be vulnerable to love and feel. Let us lower our armor, let us release resistance, let us be more humble before the mystery of life and the encounter. If I am absorbed in my neurotic thinking, in my judgment and prejudice, if I close and harden myself, then I isolate myself, I am filled with fear and I let no one in. There I only judge and I don’t allow myself to explore, so life becomes dry, sad and monotonous. Living is relating, with our own internal contradictions and with Otherness, these wonderful and rare beings that come and revolutionize life, bringing all kinds of stimulation, emotion and information.

Lets embrace Life, as a Whole, All in its multicolored fan, understanding that everything that is “outside of me”, be it cosmos, animals, plants, humans, everything else mirrors me and breaks with my one-sidedness. It takes me out of my little box of self-reference and opens me to a new horizon. For the true encounter to take place, I have to get rid of prejudices, I have to empty myself of norms and morals, my mind will have to open up to the new, to the different, to the vertigo of what emerges spontaneously, magnetic and discover what makes me so much. attracts, surrenders and lets myself be carried away by curiosity, intrigue and intuition If we are open to the adventure of living, that otherness appears and also opens up to share with me. And at this moment, that we are together, I look at you, I listen to you, I am fully present with you, I honor your Presence and I appreciate this opportunity to Be and Do with you. 🙏

I am surprised by what I discover in bonding, you are my deepest mirror. What I love in you lives in me, what I hate about you, I am also. What I do not understand in you is confused within me. Love has no form and yet, it inhabits, fills, fertilizes and overflows. Love has no time, it is eternal and therefore, it is Now.

How are you feeling this vibrant Venus in Libra?

i read you, i hug you.