Venus in Cancer, asking us to explore a softer, more tender feeling, it is time to allow ourselves to live a sweeter love … What is love? the relationship? the link?

Starting from the “what” we lost, because it is not a thing, it is not a form, it does not have an exact definition, it is rather a “how”, an open space of energy that has to circulate, since when it is labeled, it condenses and stagnates, then disappears. We are in a moment of quantum leap, where everything known falls, collapses, and this also includes our old concepts of what it is to be in relationship. Let us question and criticize the inherited model of “romantic love”, let’s break with that Disney movie, perfect, ideal, impossible, which does nothing but condition and dehumanize us.

Heaven’s invitation is to reset, return to the here and now to simply open ourselves totally, in body, mind and soul to let the genuine feeling emerge and live it, expand it fully, enjoy it and share it.
Let us no longer allow ourselves to be conditioned by an obsolete, conditioning, patriarchal value system that marks a rigid path for us, a protocol of times and forms that has not worked for anyone and that does not allow us to explore our own creativity by putting our feelings into practice.

There is no right way to love, there are no strategies for success, we cannot continue to play power dynamics, control or speculate, since that is what takes us away from love and the connection of intimacy that we seek so much. If we criticize romantic love it is because we need to free ourselves from the commands that oppress our expression, our freedom to live, feel and choose affections, connections, sexuality.

Now, let’s be careful not to go to the other extreme, since creating a new vibration of love, sex and affection is not being selfish, it is not denying one’s own vulnerability and that of others. To love is to nurture tenderness and care, love is to take into account our needs and limits, as well as those of the other with whom we bond, so we need to bring to consciousness the term affective responsibility, this is dialogue, sincerity and respect. LOVE WITH CAPITAL LETTERS.

Today more than ever, tenderness is key to this revolution of Loving, of Being Awakened Bonding.

Let us update our source of Love, Sexuality and Care, this is our power and our responsibility, from each one of us to one another and with all the beings with whom we wish to create a healthy space of real intimacy.

How are you loving in these eclipse times? Get carried away by tenderness?

I read you, I hug you