ECLIPSE, It is not ritual, it is not intention, action, or decision, it is not the time for events, social gatherings, or noise.

ECLIPSE, It is surrender, surrender, silence, introspection, it is to rest the body, pause the mind and inhabit the feeling.

🌋The emotional intensity is at the maximum, how do we inhabit it? How to channel it into consciousness?

🐌Around here we are in nest mode, breathing, singing, dancing and sleeping a lot. And you? It is time to let go of attachments, return to the simple, to unite, with love and care, to prioritize and update ourselves. Life calls us to Awakening, comes the fall of chips and revelations. Beyond the desire to choose, it is time to introspection, listen to the internal dialogue, observe, channel, attend to the signals in the body, drain to feel the discharge, but it is not a good time to make important decisions these days. Let the sky clear a bit before we do.

👻Atentti with impulses, it is better to Be and NOT DO, we are resignifying what we want, what we value in ourselves and in our relationships.

🌞🌝Eclipses are the most mobilizing and transforming movements, they function as catalysts of the processes that we have been developing in our unconscious. If we are in tune with our evolutionary path, we will feel a great advance and new opportunities will open, the harvest of everything we have been doing will be felt as an achievement to celebrate, but if we continue to postpone and evade the signs, life will take care of re locate ourselves, closing what no longer allows us to grow.

⚡We are summoned to leave the comfort zone, to stand in front of ourselves, to see what we were not seeing, prompting us to let go of what is no longer and take the true Path of the Soul.

The eclipse is felt by all and manifests in the area where Taurus and Scorpio express themselves, on the next scale in Leo and Aquarius, activating the entire Fixed Cross.

Do you have #planets in fixed #signs? which houses of your # letter is moving? how are you feeling?

I read you, I hug you tight


Art @sakoasko

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