The first relationship of Love is with me … and from this relationship is that I create, mirror and reflect all the relationships with others that I see manifested in my Creality.

So today I stop, look at myself in the mirror, smile at me and thank myself. I thank myself for having manifested this bond of Love, Friendship, Trust and Care, first of all, with me, with my mind, my body, with the maritime dance of my emotions, with the immensity of my Being.
What I give myself is what I can give to the world. That love, that peace that I give myself is truly the relationship that I always dreamed of for myself.

From this root of inner bond is that I weave bridges, mirrors and magnets with all the beings with whom I relate in my life. I affirm that I choose myself and I choose you. I accept that all my reality I am co-creating, that what I see “outside of me” is simply a mirror of what happens internally in me.

The relationship of friendship, of society, of couple is a space to share and learn even more about everything that we carry inside. I choose again and again the link with me and like this, with you, because I lovingly and humbly understand that all the information that appears in these dynamics speaks to me about me, it opens my eyes and my soul with data that is super mega important of what I need to see.

Everything unconscious that I bring is revealed to me in relationships so that I make it conscious and from there I can begin to heal, let go, change and evolve in the relationship I have with me.

The life you create is a reflection of what you believe and nurture. If you decree Love yourself, you will be ready to feel it, to be it, to offer it and only then, will you also begin to honor your vulnerability and allow yourself to receive and expand it.

How are you connecting with love within?

I read you, I hug you, I love you
Agu 🌷