Nothing will be as before, there is a new world, a new version of each being that is reborn, we are giving birth to a new society.

🌞Sun in #Gemini, coming into contact with the #nodonorte, strongly activating the energy of Eclipses. 🌟We are in full emotional and mental movement, we have to be flexible, breathe deeply, listen to the life that guides us, let ourselves be carried away by new winds and adapt to a new proposal that will become evident in the coming days.

Let the magic, the learning, take care of us, take care of our bodies and contemplate without acting, so that the info decays and clarifies the horizon. We are discovering new dimensions and alternatives that ask us to mutate, to evolve with life.

This month thanks to the eclipses it will become very evident to us what we have to let go of, we will be challenged to practice detachment once again to bring clarity about what we really value and want to manifest and recreate in our lives.

  Now we have to open our minds, communicate and put into words what we really want and what we no longer want. 💨These days the invitation is for us to go to the bond, meet, motivate ourselves, chat about what is happening to us, open ourselves up to say what we really want to share.

👬We are learning new ways of living and relating, we need to be together, connect from friendship and inclusion in the immense diversity, only then can we create bridges, associations and work as a team.

💫The links are essential links for the deployment of the Being. It is in the meeting space that we open ourselves to previously unknown channels and dimensions, when we share our uniqueness with others and learn from theirs, we teach each other, since from our essence we transmit and we co-create new possibilities.

🌈Let's explore, let's be open and permeable to the info that enables the meeting, let's ask ourselves questions, let's re-think, let's play, learning together without comparing ourselves with anyone.

Do they connect with Gemini energy?

I read you, I hug you
Art @_kallenmikel