The Sun enters Cancer, opening the Solstice Portal, inviting us to a new cycle.

We feel the desire for something new to begin and at the same time there are vestiges of what the eclipses moved, we are somewhat nostalgic for what is still in the process of being released, still looking at the fears that have to be left behind, we are relieving ourselves of a baggage that we can no longer carry on to the new chapter.

It is now, we cross a bridge, we say YES! to radical change, to the new choice of home, family, where we want to be and to be. We need to clean, drain, enter free to be a new opportunity that Life offers us, leaving the past behind, only taking what is really essential.

It is time to be kind to our process, are we willing to learn a higher way of loving? take care? to relate? do we allow ourselves vulnerability? do we validate tenderness? the sensibility?

The privacy space is being updated. We have to listen to the emotion, inhabit it no matter how uncomfortable it may be, learn to give it space, let it speak and seek a new channel. Put the mind in soak, let the feeling show us, beyond all memory and prejudice, let’s look at what we need now to grow from now on.

We are beings of form and attachment, sometimes it is difficult for us to let go of what is known, even what hurts us, as if we clung to bad habit, boycott, lack, guilt and suffering. We get used to behaviors and people that block our growth and this mechanism becomes a vicious circle from which we are afraid to get out. It is time to recognize, face the pattern, feel and accept that if we do not change inside, nothing outside will change.
It is necessary to take action, ask for help, look for alternatives, talk about what is happening to us, take a step outside the comfort zone, commit ourselves to working for our personal development, letting the voice of the heart guide us, enabling the deployment of our inner being.

This Cancer month, let’s give ourselves a time of silence, of intimacy to be able to reset. Let’s choose what we really want to nurture and take care of. Bring ourselves to presence to honor the Love that we want to be and to provide. Let us be pampered and cared for by those beings we call home.

How are you pampering yourself? have planets in Cancer? and in its complement, Capricorn?

I read you, I hug you