Solar Eclipse in # Gemini, activating deep emotional, mental and bonding changes. Closing and opening of cycles, strong karmic movements necessary for personal and collective #evolution.

Does it happen to you that in a situation of today a mechanism of your old “I” crosses you? Suddenly a memory opens of who you were before, of how you would have done it then? and when you return to the present you no longer recognize yourself, you no longer know who you are?

Let us unlearn to live again, let us be more humble with our process, remember that we are mega sensitive beings and we have “de-formed” in a society where we have not been taught to feel, nor were we allowed to change to update ourselves. Then we may find ourselves trying to resolve the intense emotion that we are currently inhabiting with an old logic, and of course, it no longer applies, it does not add up, it expires and the mind asks for a truce.

These days of eclipse the energy is super strong and does not give us a chance to understand, we have to let go of thinking, turn off the ego that wants to control everything and allow us to rest, remain in silence and introspection to really listen and feel with the voice of the soul.

This is complex, I know, I’m sorry, it’s not easy, you feel the noise, the contradictions, the inconsistencies themselves, but today more than ever, let’s go back to practice, remembering that we carry inside a talisman, a space of light where we can re -learn to distinguish between the old self and the current potential, to discern between fear and love, to choose again between the voice of the ego and that of the soul Let’s reset the internal discourse, it becomes increasingly clear that what we believe in our mind we recreate in our reality, it is time to delve into the Hermetic principle of Mentalism, and recognize the value and capacity of manifestation that our thoughts and words have .

Life calls us to Awakening, emotional intensity, falling chips and revelations run through us. Beyond the desire to define, it is time to introspection, to observe, contemplate and channel the new data, it is NOT the time to take action or decision these days. Let the sky clear up a bit, let the Being emerge, before doing.

Eclipses are the most mobilizing and transforming movements, they function as catalysts for the processes that we have been developing in our unconscious. If we are in tune with our evolutionary path, we will feel a great advance and new opportunities will open, the harvest of everything we have been doing will be felt as an achievement to celebrate, but if we continue to postpone and evade the signs, life will take care of re- locate ourselves, closing what no longer allows us to grow. We are summoned to leave the comfort zone, to stand in front of ourselves, to see what we were not seeing, prompting us to let go of what is no longer and take the true Path of the Soul.

The eclipse is felt by all and manifests in the area where Sagittarius and Gemini express themselves, on the next scale in Virgo and Pisces activating the entire Mutable Cross.

Do you have #planets in mutable #signs? which houses of your # letter is moving? how are you feeling?

I read you and hug you a little tighter today.