#Sun in #Scorpio versus #Uranus in #Taurus, squaring # Jupiter and #Saturn in #Aquarius. 

Scorpio is the sign of darkness, of everything that lives in the depths of our psyche. Scorpio connects us with the most intense drive, teaches us to make visible the root of our fears and hidden emotions, let’s take the chance to update the way we metabolize, inhabit, digest, move and transform what we feel in the Body and Soul. Scorpio is the alchemical process of entering the shadows, of transmuting the unconscious into pure consciousness and the possibility of discovering the treasure of emotional wisdom that comes if we commit ourselves to go through the process in all its phases. Inside each and every one of us, there lives an other, a version that we still do not recognize as our own, we are going to meet that “internal other”, destiny invites, the ego resists, there is an internal struggle, plus the Consciousness advances and is dedicated to illuminating the “little black box” of what we did not dare to look at and that urges to heal.

What is denied has too much power in our lives and it is that power that we are going to re-conquer. In the repressed lies a great potential to explore and include, we have to go through that tunnel, let us open ourselves to receive the data, understanding that what we avoid so much now is coming to insist with more force.

The meeting is inevitable, we are going to unmask, it is now that we have access to the Medicine of the Essential Being, the more we will need our willpower to remove the veils and be able to look.

Hello Shadow, Welcome! Thank you for teaching me to see what I still have to release, I understand that you come to help me grow, transform and be reborn into a new version of me. I accept you, I see you, I see myself, I feel. I find parts, ways, attitudes in myself that I did not recognize as my own, it hurts me to discover them and I feel so vulnerable, more at the same time this revelation awakens me and fills me with courage to move forward, because if that pain is not alien to me, If I can recognize it, then I can also be involved in healing. What we discover will make us uncomfortable, we need to be committed to ourselves, fully maintaining ourselves throughout the work and introspection process.

Let’s open spaces of intimacy to let the emotion circulate, to cross and release me, we are ceasing to repress and control. This deep and sincere encounter is the detoxification that will enable the unfolding of the Soul.

Look into your natal chart, in which houses does this energy vibrate? Do you have planets in Scorpio? and in Taurus?
On the next scale, we can see how to work the Leo and Aquarius area.

I read you, I hug you