Full Moon in Scorpio detonating the feeling, inviting us to inhabit the emotional overflow necessary to clean, drain and release. Hello Shadow! Welcome, thanks for showing me what I couldn't cover anymore. That which we had postponed resurfaces, something old, an old emotional wound reopens. Something is rotten, it smells, it hurts, it screams and it can no longer be covered, let's open an internal space, of intimacy with ourselves to let it come out, that it sprouts, that purifies the wound for when it is clean and empty to begin to suture, heal and heal. Only then will we be really ready to take the learning, the medicine, the resilience that pushes us to the next phase of the process.

Stopping to feel the pain allows us to know it, it is not about suffering for suffering, rather about finding the root, its history, its deepest meaning, the "why" of that pain. Scorpio is the sign of the shadow, of what we do not see, but we feel it in the depths of being, it guides us from the womb, moves us and challenges us.

So how do we live it today? do we get attached to the poison? we intoxicated? Do we keep screwing up, suffering, complaining, longing to go back in time, looking for guilty? evading and denying?

Could it be that this time we can take a deep breath and choose to move forward, go through it fully, go with our eyes open and taking charge of our own mambos? Will we be reborn as a Phoenix? It will be possible after cleaning the basement, having uncovered, excreted, cried, vomited, hitting bottom, having committed ourselves to the process of death and total metamorphosis.

May this pain fertilize our earth, may this compost revitalize our Being.

What am I feelin

g so much pain for? so afraid? What do I need to see, feel, heal and transmute from all of this?

Will it be to reaffirm that we are alive? that we can die and become a better version?

This is not new, it was always within, but it is now in this context, in that bond, that we are seeing and attending to them. This pain that we feel was hidden, encrypted, anesthetized and now it wakes up and looks at us in the face, let's listen, let's talk to it, ask it and learn from it.

Let it be Medicine, let it be Harvest!

I read them, I hug them