After its retro phase, Saturn awakens and transits directly into Aquarius.

Now there begins to be more clarity and definition in those limits, healthy and necessary to be able to Be and Do in Freedom. Choose where I want to be, how, when, with whom and where. Mark the limit, make the decision, the distance, the word that approaches or distances from what I really want for my life today. Leaving ties and spaces where we do not allow ourselves to be, where we have to camouflage ourselves to remain. Dynamics where we throw ourselves less to fit in with the prescribed mold, totally sterile and alien.

Time to close the chapter where I limit myself, boycott and shrink, to let go of those clothes and labels that no longer represent me, to go through fear in search of the Freedom that our Essential Flame dreams so much about. Let’s take a minute to recapitulate everything we have experienced and learned in recent months, let’s take a deep breath and re-anchor ourselves in the Heart. I love myself, I honor myself, I allow myself to explore and live my uniqueness, I stand in front of my fears, before which they will say, to validate and recognize me, to give me the place in the world that I deserve, need and desire.

I gift myself to say NO to what it no longer adds, in fact delays, represses and limits. I break chains.

I give myself to say YES to my Heart, to my intuition, to my passions, to my joy, to my internal authority where I commit myself to myself and what I want to create from now on.

The click happens inside, the insight that awakens me. Reach a limit and take the leap. Something happens, a scene removes the blindfold and it is now, I need to express myself. I am no longer going to continue caressing and waiting for external approval, this time I choose myself.

I play it for myself, on my way from here on, from today I am encouraged to do something different, to break with my own limitations, today I let go of the whip and allow myself to go without so much rigidity, without so much weight. I free myself, I gift myself to be spontaneous, authentic, to be my adult and my child at the same time, understanding that Freedom implies a deep commitment to the Truth of my Soul.

I feel so eager to discover what lies beyond those limits that I imposed on myself, or that I repeated by inheritance, today I embark on this adventure of re-discovering myself, this time I am counting on myself, my love, my experience of the road already route.

Are we ready to put into practice everything we have learned in recent months? Do you perceive the difference between retro time and now that all the planets begin their march? Do you feel the energy shift?

I read you, I hug you