New Moon in Taurus opens, next to Uranus, seeking integration between Stability, Constancy and Creative Movement, a flow inherent to the Life that We Are, where everything has to mutate.

It is time to open up to change and update, we are going to sow intentions of commitment to what we wish to manifest in our new Creality. What choices do you make to deepen your Self Love? in your self-care and well-being?

What space do you give pleasure in your life? How many times do you stop and exit the automatic?

How often do you allow yourself to be present again, breathe and be grateful that you are alive?

Can you get rid of that idea of ​​how you thought things had to be, what they will say and start

accepting? Can you let go of control and embrace what is real today? We live a super intense time and we can now officially say that we are in Eclipses season,

you feel the pressure in your chest, the need to release your voice, to get rid of our anger through a scream, we have to choose if we are going to try to repress until it explodes impulsively or if we can consciously channel it into a space of love and intimacy.

Lilith is also a protagonist of this Moon, there is a call to hit rock bottom, to drain and free ourselves, to surrender to the fundamental process,  including and looking at our wild side, allowing us to learn from our animal version and attend to our pending traumas. We have the chance to enter metamorphosis, where an old version of ours dies.

It is time for a true transformation to reconnect with the divinity that we are, honoring our Soul, understanding that from there we manifest everything else on this material plane. We are resetting the relationship with our physical body, our matter, our values ​​and senses,  we are revisiting each action that we choose since with them we are co-creating reality. This is not from now, it is linked to your process,

do you remember the full moon in Scorpio 14 days ago?

Let’s take this opportunity to transmute those fears, attachments and anxieties, you already saw your shadow right?

It is about what you saw and felt, now it is time to integrate it into your intentions for change, there in the wound is the data of what you have to heal in order to move forward, focusing on your mission and vital purpose. Be honest with yourself, you are not afraid of your own shadows, rather fear comes when you discover that only you have the responsibility to  accept the challenge of healing and transmuting.

Are you afraid of your Power, your Force? to Discover and reveal your full potential? Are you afraid that if you change, if you free yourself, it will change your whole environment and your reality? Spiritual evolution is here, it is here to stay and it no longer makes sense to cling to a normality that will never exist again.

May this new chapter find you trusting in you, counting on you to Create and Re-create yourself, thus inspiring your entire community.

What area of ​​your natal chart is mobilizing this new moon?

i read you, i hug you.