Honoring the Bond is first, to value and respect ourselves.

“One does not fall in love, one is Love. Of course, if you can feel and affirm that you are love, then you are in love, but that is the result, the consequence, but not the origin. The origin is that you are Love. Who can be Love? Obviously, if you are not aware of who you are, you cannot be love. You will be fear. Fear is the exact opposite of love. With love you expand, with fear you shrink. With fear you close, with love you open. With fear you doubt, with love you trust. With fear you are left alone. With love loneliness vanishes and you enter into Communion with the Whole. So the trees, the birds, the clouds, the sun and the stars are within you. Love is when you re-know your inner heaven. ” Osho

This New Moon in Libra in conjunction with Mars reminds us that to be in relationship we cannot cancel ourselves.

Let’s listen to the call for Integration, let’s Tune into a New Rhythm, the Focus is on our relationships and the dynamics that ask to re-prioritize Love and Reciprocity The Sowing Portal opens, the beginning of a new cycle, understanding that whenever something begins it is because we had to let go before, we are going to inhabit the empty space of what is no longer going and it is right there where Life opens to a new opportunity.

Let us register the emotion, update our own Desire, let us calibrate the direction of that Force of Will, let us hear the cry of Independence, the internal boiling that asks for Courage and advance to affirm ourselves in our Being.

This reset implies seeing how we relate, first inside with a self: do I give myself space to be? Do I try to find alliances in my own internal contradictions? or I fragment myself and project what I cannot accept in myself? and with the others? I feel in my bonds that I can be and let be? or do I censor myself? blame the other? Or do I override my desire to please him? I beg? fought? What is the limit? Do I honor the space and the presence in each meeting? We need to update dialogue, listening and agreements.

How are you feeling? What are you asking for closure? what new opportunity opens up?

We can deepen our process by looking in our birth chart where Aries and Libra fall, do I have planets there?

New Moon Mantra: “I love myself, I honor myself, I respect myself, I prioritize myself and it is from the Love in me that I open myself to share”

I read you, I hug you