Living is walking along a very thin path that unites the personal and the collective, we live between what is given, that known format and the possibility of recreating and updating it to feel more alive. We are learning not to fall from shoulder to shoulder, wanting to move those poles closer together, trying to create a new form that integrates and does not divide.

Do you feel like you are balancing? what is the anchor point? How do you connect with your center? How is it to belong to the world? What price do you have to pay to become a member? How much do you invest to be part? Observe your groups, community, work environment, family, culture and your closest circle, what are the unspoken agreements?

We are called to find a new limit between the stable and the new, between giving and receiving, between self-expressing and self-editing. We are re-defining when we give in for love, for agreement and when we please and feel that we are betraying ourselves, it is time to draw a new, more loving edge with who we are today and who we want to become.

I wonder, am I accepting rules and agreements because I feel like I have no choice? Why am I afraid of being left out? I disguise myself to be part? Or do I isolate myself so as not to expose my uniqueness?

We consent out of love, out of empathy, consciously knowing that in that acceptance we are finding a greater good and we also do other consents that are unbearable, they feel like self-repression and we become intoxicated with contained anger that, like all poison, will not do more. to hurt.

Let’s renew the vows of love and self-commitment, let’s give space to our authenticity, let’s leave falsehoods and allow our light to overflow and be offered to the world and even if it does not confirm us, we continue to give ourselves permission to exist and recreate ourselves in a reality that allows us to go. to meet our essence. Let’s reconnect with the inner sun, with the freest, most creative and playful child, let’s be and do with love, passion and with true desire, let’s validate our desire, our most sincere will.

Explore yourself, find yourself, discover your talents, value your abilities that are immense! Recognize and trust your infinite potential, enter your heart, activate it and go out into the world with your voice and color, no one else will do it for you, it is your turn. We all come to contribute our magic in its unique version, so we co-create and cooperate with each other to manifest a new reality, shine!

Your happiness makes the world happy, your joy inspires, your magic illuminates, your love infects and expands to every corner of the planet. ⠀


Happy new moon, happy new you.

i read you, i hug you