New Moon in Aquarius, entering the Portal to the New Dimension

We will only be able to enter the new era lightly, having let go of the competition, the resistance of the ego and everything that no longer allowed us to grow and flow towards our new and better version.

Let's do our part, let's contribute to the collective process from each one of us so that this energetic time finds us with a clean mind and an open heart to be able to attract into our lives what is truly vital and essential. Let's take time alone, let's meditate, let's listen to the silence, so that later we can choose again and honor connecting with others, in tribe and network.
Let's give ourselves space and air, let's open the window, contemplate the immense sky, let's go out into the wind, let our ideas clear, let's look for new options that motivate us, that inspire us to live and create.

Let's open our minds and eyes, other paths are appearing, new people, there are many doors and opportunities if we dare to leave the comfort zone. If we detach ourselves from the known and give a chance to this fertile growth cycle, we will be surprised by all the magic that we can manifest.
If we flow with these invitations of life, we will discover that there are dreams that are trying to be realized and now it is imminent that it has a chance to come true. What we lived imagining but at the same time repressing because of a fear, an old self-boycott mindset that took us away from our virtue, today we can transform it into reality.
Now more than ever, that which we did not believe possible to specify is calling us, it is in front of our eyes if we dare to open our gaze and see from a new place.

Let's jump into the void, let's gamble for our dream, our passion, for LOVE!

Let's give a chance to the creativity of the life that we are, let's trust in our divine intelligence.

Let us remember that if I attach and force myself it hurts, more if I accept and let go, the new appears, and what comes is always better.

It is key to open ourselves to spontaneity, to listen to the signals, to vibrate in synchronicity and to explore our curiosity, to play again, to remember the inner child that lives in our heart.

My mantra for these days of the Moon in Aquarius, "When I feel that nothing is safe, when uncertainty takes me, I take a deep breath and connect with the void, with the infinite possibility, I am a blank sheet, where everything can be manifested. From the present moment, I Am and Everything is available in me for my Create "

How are they feeling? Are you opening up new spaces for creativity? Do they have planets in Aquarius? and in Leo?

Good Sowing Tribe!

I read them, I hug them