Happy Astral New Year!

♈We are leaving the Piscean nebula, everything that we felt and violated us in the last month now challenges us to take action, to put body into it and to move towards life with direction and courage.

🌞AMAR is the COURAGE of dwelling in the Present, that only time where Life and Love are real, this only happens in the HERE AND NOW.

We are reborn after the emotional downpour that asked us to close a chapter, have we cleaned up? dissolved, healed?

🌡Now the #sol advances in #Aries, starting a new cycle, a new return to the zodiac, activating # Kirón, igniting our spirit, calling us to the present, reactivating our vital energy.

I affirm that today is the first day of my new life, I let go of the past and take a step towards my dream, my happiness. I no longer wait for external solutions to come, I no longer hang on unreal illusions deposited in others. I embrace my independence again, from my individuality, I am passionate about living my life and I choose to start over. I continue to learn from my wounds, I embrace them, they teach me and inspire me. I make the decision, I feel the direction clear, I motivate my Being to live what I always imagined, today I give it a chance, channel and direction. I take the reins, I play it and I face it.

💫I assume an active role in my process, I get out of fear, I break the dream of my mind and put the emotion in motion, I go towards that project, or link that I want, I accept that manifesting it requires my active participation.

My mantras for the Arian Month ...

⚡Who does not move for what he wants, loses it.

💣 If you don't risk there is no chance of winning.

🌀All life is a fractal of what I am doing with my life today.

Do you feel the fire burning? they play it for what they want?

Do you have planets in Aries?

💥I am North Node in Aries at 5th house.

I read them, I hug them

Agu 🌟
Art @marcosalvaradoart
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