In this confusing emotional climate, where we are still digesting what dissolved the last Full Moon in Pisces, now the retro phase of Mercury is added, putting Mind, Relationships, Agreements and Communication in check.

This season invites us to recalibrate, making a bridge between the cognitive and emotional world. Let us attend to the need for internal dialogue, to listen to both what we feel with our heart and what we think coldly and objectively. How can we unite it? It touches to ally, link, weave new connections within to re-interpret what we are and do, what we want to manifest and how we put ourselves into action so that it actually happens.

Mercurio retro invites us to look, contemplate and update how we integrate the information that comes to us and how we re-circulate in the collective. It is time to review and rethink ideas, words, intentions, and links. The human mind is usually haunted by a cataract of contradictory information and if we are on automatic pilot we will not see how polarizing this data is, if we do not stop to review, feel and rethink, only those versions that influence us on a daily basis will be even more fragmented.

Retro time incites us to an internal journey, seeking silence, meditation, entering the depth of our psyche, to become aware of the power of our mind, of the value of the word that creates reality, to cultivate it and learn to use it in an increasingly open, free, inclusive, voluntary and creative way. Let’s stop, slow down, let’s see how we experience each idea, do we dare to dismantle it and play with it? How do we put it into action?

It is time to open ourselves to a new vision, to take a turn in our interpretation of reality, encourage ourselves to try new points of view, discover new perspectives and perhaps discover that the angle from which we look and think about the world can change the course of life. our destiny. To think of the mind as a field of fertile land and of words, ideas as seeds, potentially pure life, encrypted and therefore perhaps at first glance it is difficult to see what it is really about … can we play to identify seeds? know the textures of the ideas that lead us to happy places? and sow many more of them?

Retro Mercury invites us to de-construct a rigid, inherited version of the mind, perpetuated by society, to loosen unconscious loyalties to lineages of beliefs that no longer nourish us, to break and disassociate ourselves from those pacts that oppress us to Re-Create a new Reality.


i read you, i hug you