Mercury vibrating the sign of Libra, new agreements are necessary to be able to find us in healthy and loving relationships.

Let us listen, let us talk about what we think, honor what we feel and find new points of alliance with ourselves and with those we love and choose to share the journey of life. September, change of cycle and here we go, in the dance of Being and Doing, re-connecting with balance and the art of Loving. We are learning a new rhythm, tuning into that mysterious tempo, re-calibrating in Giving and Receiving. Awakening in Consciousness about Reciprocity, magnetism, actions and re-actions, honoring the beautiful and intense dance that is the relationship, that fundamental space where we are born, we are formed, we hurt, we learn, we enjoy and we also heal.

Bonding, we are that open space where the meeting happens and the embrace moves. We are Linked Beings, we are born, we grow and we always evolve in relationship. What we receive is a mirror of what we give, what we create, the people we attract, everything responds to our true vibration. We can see it or not, we are deeply involved in what we are perceiving and what life is showing us, sometimes it is more fluid when we feel that this situation confirms us in our identity and desire, even more when you think that you have nothing to do with it. With the situation, there, at this moment, remember that you are always involved and that if you are living it it is because you have to learn something from yourself in that scenario.

The other is me, I am the other, the Magic of Life occurs when we look at ourselves and recognize in each other

How are you feeling? thinking? talking to yourself and others? Do you feel the mental reset? do you hear the call to openness, to a new understanding? can we put ourselves in the place of the other and choose to love again?

Im now reseting, super focused on Neuro Linguistic Programming and fascinated with the creative / destructive power that we possess within.

I affirm today, I want to live Choosing Love over fear, Love as the Medicine for the ego.

I read you, I hug you