The mind lights up, discovering that everything it thinks, imagines, believes, then is also verbalized, named and therefore created, taking concrete form in our reality. It is time to connect Mind and Heart, to illuminate the creative force of thought, of words, and polish our way of communicating, we conquer the right to express who we really are before the world.

This month the mind asks us to look at it, work on it, zoom in on it, allow us to explore and practice concrete to weave bridges, to find new ways where internal and external dialogue grow from love.

The transit of the Sun and Mercury in Leo calls us to get rid of labels, to disarm the old identity and re-create ourselves from a new experience of searching and sincere listening. We are going to give place to what intuition and the genuine desire of the Being are wanting to reveal. It is time to admit, sincere and recognize that the old ways in which the world was conceived no longer apply, they are out of date, then the ego and the most rigid personality fear, because they no longer know where to hold on, it is time to create new agreements, to look with new eyes and transform the idea that we even had of ourselves, break the label to go to the experience and inhabit who I really am Today.

Sing, dance, play laugh, explore! Lives! It is in each of us to give space to our own voice, to create and beat with a new pulse, more alive, more meaningful that allows us to unleash true expression, to venture into what contains the treasure of our passion and vocation.

We have come to the world with a unique and creative essence, the greatest gift that we can give ourselves and our community, is to illuminate our own paths, inspire ourselves and inspire others to Be and Do with Heart. If we stop messing with outdated theories and judgments, if we give our neura pause, we will find the truth that dwells in our hearts. Let’s take advantage of this month to observe how we think, how we speak, how we communicate inside out, and fill that space with light, love and compassion.

How are these minds resetting? Can you perceive how the energy changes when the internal dialogue is more loving?

I read you, I hug you