Choose your battles wisely.
Mars in Virgo invites us to feel-think before acting, to breathe deeply before reacting, to contemplate the other, to place each situation in a larger context, to give us space to choose and respond with precision, kindness and clarity.

Do we remember those moments where we have been reactive, impulsive and have acted hot, from a blind impulse, which only registers the sensation of the present moment and tends to run away, flee, break, hurt, scream? Now it is clear to us that by following that impulse we have made partial, unilateral, hurtful decisions, from the ego, fear, hurt and anger.
Decisions that feel real at that moment but then when the emotion decays we feel sad, vulnerable and exhausted, then the fight is with myself, when we still have to digest the consequences of what has been done. Remember that life is not about the number of times you prevailed or won an argument, but about being at peace and making the decision to be happy.

Watch yourself, check yourself, sit, and allow yourself to pause to discover a more loving perspective that takes you in the direction your heart wants. Life passes too fast to spend energy on absurd wars. Just fight for what moves your heart, what is rooted in love, see what is essential, what is truly important and let everything else go. Choosing our battles means that we have the opportunity to decide in what to invest our time and energy, we can be selective with the situations, discussions, people, problems, challenges and confrontations in which we decide to get involved.

Ask yourself: is this really important to me? Would I rather win this discussion or be at peace with the person I see in front of me?

Mars is inviting us to unite Action, Intuition and Emotion with Consciousness and Systemic Vision, including Empathy and registration of the other, to our individual decision.

What area of ​​your chart is Mars activating? you have planets there?

I am Venus in Virgo

Which fights deserves your time? your energy? And which ones dont?

I read you, I hug you