Mars enters Scorpio, joins the Sun and then Mercury will arrive, it is filling with energy this Plutonian season where we will also have the transition of Eclipses that we are already feeling.

You are as powerful as you allow yourself to be, you have immense potential, a volcano burning inside. How do we channel this force? can we create the new? destroy and release the old? do we allow ourselves to transform and be reborn once again? are we staring at the ghosts? unmasking self-boycott patterns?

It is time to feel and look within, to be sincere from the soul to break with mechanisms and definitions that no longer allow us to be. Let’s break fear, prejudice and labels. Let us let go, undress and re-choose who we want to be. This month is ideal for cleansing, purging, detoxing, therapies, let’s open ourselves to all avenues of exploration and psychic, physical and emotional healing. It is strong, it is intense, it is worth asking for help in your process.

We feel how Mars fills us with vital energy, gives us the strength to act, decide and move forward. We are going to get out of any definition that censures us, we are going to divorce ourselves from any excuse that keeps us from experiencing life from our true potential. Dissolving limiting beliefs, giving us space and freedom to experiment differently. Let us remember that we are pure potential, a diamond in the rough. We are not what happens to us, but what we do with it. We are not who we were, we are not what we think we are, there is much more to discover, if you allow it, if you love yourself and believe yourself possible.

The only way to lose is for you to surrender, to abandon yourself, and it is precisely in you, in your trust, in your power, where the potential to transform your life is.

How are you?

Im super introspective, quite absent from the networks, I feel that I am living the most intense, powerful and beautiful transformation of my entire life.

I read you, I hug you