I’m not who I was anymore, I’m new and that’s fine. I love myself, I choose myself and I give myself space to know myself and thus be reborn … this is my mantra in these times.

Among so much intensity of Eclipse, so much cloud of confusion and sensitivity, we have traveled these months without Fire, without spark, with the engines in neutral and it is likely that more than once we have found ourselves in the self-boycott, betraying ourselves, procrastinating, feeling fear, doubting the uncertainty before a world that is dissolving and another that wants to be born, this is how we are, releasing old skins to be able to update ourselves in our Being and Doing.

Now Heaven gives us truce, we feel Mars entering Leo, re-activating the Force of Will, igniting the desire to Act and Be in the world, moving forward, trusting the Intuition of the Heart. Today we have to be brave, connect with the courage to live one day at a time, be inspired by what warms our body, excites us and awakens our soul, we are going to feed what we are passionate about, moves us and deeply moves us. Let’s put the heart back as the engine, to love each other and give us the chance to create a reality more akin to our dreams.

This new time is about stopping holding the unsustainable, about letting go of what takes us away from our essence. Breaking down the barriers that separate us from ourselves. Drop shields, cross borders and enter the sincerity of the inner heartbeat. Let’s make contact with our inner Child, allow us to be more sensitive.

Let us give ourselves permission to feel, to listen to the voice of conscience, to enable contact with our own Desire, let us feed the desire to go for more. Among the rubble there is a path that opens, if we take the first step, if we are willing to open it and walk it, there is a new path, a different identity, more Creative that wants to go out.

Let us honor the inner Light, that which we come to give ourselves and share with the world.

do you have planets in Leo? Do you feel the engine of your heart reigniting?

I read you, I hug you

Arte @SakoAsko