What you want so much will only be possible if you dare to change, joy is on the other side of that excuse, affirm today that you have the courage to go beyond your mental self-limitation.

Acceleration of energy, transiting Mars in Gemini, everything that is vibrating here and in the mutable signs takes strength and momentum. Let’s take advantage of this energetic shift to activate slopes, start courses, open ourselves to new ideas, contemplate other possibilities, let go of the armor and flow.

Let’s honor that vibe that leads us to live life with joy, let’s be kids in game mode. This time it is key that we turn to the intimate diary, to writing, to my notebook of thoughts and catharsis. Write by hand, in handwriting, download the data that floods your head, turn it into verse, song, rhyme, laughter. Re-connect with your practice of writing and reading for a little bit every day this helps us to open our gaze, order thoughts and connect with the enormous source of creativity that is available.

Unleash your curiosity, open new doors, meet different people, stay open to learn everything that life is wanting to offer you. It is time to unlearn to update and incorporate new information, investigate, ask ourselves questions, question the comfort and safety zone to open new paths and move forward.

Mars will touch the North Node accelerating the evolutionary processes, it will trills the planets in Aquarius, giving the opportunity to expand and specify the plans and projects that are aligned with the Consciousness of Community and Inclusive Development. Let’s associate, bond, make new connections, collaborations and friendships, the key will be in teamwork. Try to be present, do not get distracted, there are many options and it is up to you to choose what you are really passionate about and inspire you to be what you always wanted to be. ⁣

Let’s reset! How are we linking the Mind and Action vibration? Could it be that sometimes I do first and only then do I think? or what do I first think, imagine and then do? It happens to you that sometimes from so much thinking and analyzing you get paralyzed? Or the other way around too, that from so much doing and producing, you don’t give yourself a chance to stop and reflect? Do you know your natal Mars?

Do you have planets in Gemini? and in Sagittarius?

I am Mars in Capricorn. Gemini vibrates in my 7th house, being my Sagittarius Ascendant.

I read you, I hug you


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