#Mars in #Cancer from April 23th to June 11th

It rains and we were already wet, seems like we need to get soaked and dive deeply into the feeling, 
learn to inhabit our vulnerability in a new, more inclusive and conscious way. 
Emotions sprout, the belly makes noises, the chest and throat want to break free, 
can you feel it?

We are recapitulating our history to take the lessons, it is time to be present again 
from the essential being and let go of what is no longer letting us grow. 
We are disarming the world that we have built until today, remembering how we lived before,
 hacking the automatic pilot, softening ourselves to create a new home. 


It is time to update our needs, to question our spaces of belonging, 
to allow ourselves to silence the external demand to reset.
These times require a lot of patience, to sincerely inhabit the spaces that nurture 
and allow who we deeply are to emerge when we are comfortable with our own privacy.

The bodies get tired, they ask for good nutrition, pampering and rest, let's be kind to the process, we are breaking very old cellular memories, dismantling unconscious obediences of our clan that no longer allow us to evolve.

We may get angry with ourselves, with our repetitive patterns, with people in our family, the more we have the chance to observe this emotion instead of reacting, we use this anger as a motor, as a catalyst for a radical change that is in us, that It is not anyone's fault, rather our chance to heal.

I say YES! To this realization, to this feeling, I choose to wake up and nurse myself, to take care of what moves me today. I no longer want to anesthetize myself, I do not intend to evade or postpone my development for anyone, I can no longer look the other way, the time has come to be present for me, to count on me and to choose how and with whom I want to be.

how are they inhabiting? dare to channel anger in love? What new home are you starting to create?

I read you, I hug you