♋Reborn, honoring the Opportunity to Create a new space of Love and Intimacy.

🙏Breathing slowly, deeply, allowing space to open, giving way to an intimate and sincere connection with my emotions and with the people I love and choose to care for.

💜 We need to feel safe, comfortable and permeable in our vulnerability, sharing ourselves from humility, with trust, patience, tenderness and deep compassion. We all need that bond of intimacy, a sacred, humid, warm, special space. Those relationships that are an embrace of the soul, an immense home where the world and the mind are silenced to allow us to be, to rest, to love, to heal and to recharge ourselves with peace. They are not spaces that we create easily, nor do we feel it with anyone, they are special connections that require a certain chemistry, magic, contact, sincere intention, openness, complicity, time and reciprocity.

🌱 This sacred space is built, cultivated little by little, implies process and a loving dedication from the heart.

🕯Be transparent, honest to express ourselves from our true essence, as we are, without masks or makeup. Embracing lights and shadows, inviting us to enhance our talents, accepting our wounds, transcending again and again the armor of the ego, detecting resistance, dismantling fears and dissolving the defensive attitude so that love flourishes. To create true intimacy, friendship, love, companionship and complicity, it is key to completely undress, look at each other, share each other, listen to each other, talk about what happens to us, constantly learn, validate what we feel, dialogue. This bond is born in yourself, through the contemplation of Yes, with listening and scanning the mind, body and soul, it is from the relationship with me that I am going to build the bond with another.

Prioritize self-knowledge and care, be attending to our needs. Maternity to create a healthy and nurturing bond of self, confidence and love. It is time to nest, to give ourselves space to love, heal and grow.

Intimacy is the greatest, most subtle and true treasure, do you allow it?

How do you feel? What places, activities, people are you going to nurture and honor from now on? How do you feel in your own privacy?

I read you, I hug you