🌞 We are Human Beings and we live constantly interwoven with the Collective Unconscious that moves us, inspires us and also makes us dizzy.

🚨Then we blindly fall into emotional repetitions and bonding patterns that we inherit from the clan, the family and the society in which we have been formed.

💫This is the known place, the attachment that sometimes is rest and security and other times it feels like jail and self-boycott.

  Today more than ever, we have options, there are individual freedoms that open up the possibility of choosing, changing, letting go, growing and evolving.

🏛We can continue in automated mode, repeating history, perpetuating patterns and clinging to paths already trodden, obeying the mandate, replicating the status quo without questioning anything, or we can choose to transform ourselves and discover another way of Being and Doing in the World.

🌈This is an individual choice, each and every one of us has the right and responsibility to choose today and every day how to live and co-create Present, Future, Reality.

👁The vision in Transpersonal Astrology, from the psychological development that Jung raises, affirms:

💎You are much more than you think you are, an infinite potential lives in you ...

Do you dare to venture towards your best version?

  I accompany you to work with your Natal Chart and its current transits, seeing at what point in the process of your life you are.

  We open the map, your original code, seeing the energies that you bring to develop in this incarnation.

⭐Being Aware of your energy helps you understand yourself and invites you to shine a light on your Vital Purpose.

⚡In the meeting we propose possibilities and practical exercises so that in your day to day, you connect with your essence and what you want to create in your Reality.

  To make the letter we need your date, time and place of birth.

🌐I am scheduling virtual sessions all over the planet during June and July.

How are you feeling this eclipse season?

I read you, I hug you, I wait for you in session!
Agu 💜