We are following the Path of the Sun, Light and Center of our planetary system, Lighthouse and Guide towards Evolution and the Awakening of Consciousness.

The last month with the energy of Leo we had the possibility to connect with our Natal Sun, the Center of the Personal Being, open the Heart chakra, have our own vital medicine, filling us with joy and inspiration and affirming ourselves on the Path of Being Who We came to Be, to open ourselves to Create, Make and Share Life from our true essence.

Have we used the month of Leo to reconnect with our Light? love us and let ourselves be guided by the heart?

It is from the Center of the individual Being that we can be present, discover our essential axis in order to open ourselves to the energy that follows, the systemic vision, the conscience of the link, the framework and the love that entails flexibility, patience and above all humility. . Virgo Mantra: I am I, within a larger framework. I am a cell of the great organism, I fulfill my role, I am a function. I discriminate priorities, organize strategy, develop the action plan. We cultivate Patience, we sustain our processes from Temperance. Introspection, review, cleanliness and order time. I rethink every habit, routine, diet, care of Body and Health. Observation of self, the plot and the link. Loving and constructive self-criticism. I organize each link, applying practicality and efficiency.

Low Vibe: Criticism and constant complaint. See only what is missing. Staying in the small detail without seeing the larger shot. Perfectionism Emotional coldness. Rationalize feelings. Wanting to control everything. Nervousness. Obsession for the body and health. Hypochondria. Postponement of myself. Afraid. Resistance to becoming.

Hi Vibe: I create healthy habits, in Micro-doses. I solve step by step. I contribute in every detail, enabling the Purpose. Increase sensitive listening. I perceive a Micro, Macro, Terrestrial and Cosmic Order. I trust and give service. Systemic vision, capture of the energy network and link. I go inward, to connect with the inner silence in the Sacred Being. I am Universal Love. I meditate, I am medicine for me and for everyone, i committ to Love and Serve in above it all. I surrender to the Mystery of Life, which inhabits me, includes me and transcends me. Im humble, iam Humble.

Do they vibrate planets in Virgo? what energy rules your 6th house? where in your chart does Virgo radiate?

Im Venus in Virgo in the 11th house and my Moon vibes in my 6th house.

Just for today Iets try, practice, with the magic of microdosing, one day at a time, giving our best.

I read you, I hug you