My Sexuality is Sacred,
my Body is Erotic Temple.
My Being is pure Magic,
I am Goddess of the Cosmic Mystery.

♀️Venus in Virgo connects us with the most subtle and mysterious energy of the body, its erotic and sexual instinct.

Let's give ourselves a space of intimacy, let's continue deepening this bond, body, spirit and sex. Let us cultivate an even more loving, present and sensitive contact.

🌋It's time to free ourselves, to let ourselves be.

How absurd that cultural / religious model that has been imposed for so long and that names us creatures of a God who loves us and at the same time annuls us, makes us ashamed of being Humanxs, let's say goodbye to the taboo of the body itself and its feelings.

Let us destroy those obsolete judgments that they instilled in us where pleasure is not deserved, therefore punished, inhibited.
Long live the Pleasure! Long live the magnetism that attracts us that unites us and embraces life itself!

Sex is Health, Health is Sex, Love is Joy, Pleasure is Life!

⚡ It's time to break with those limiting, imposed, inherited beliefs to allow us to discover ourselves, explore ourselves, choose ourselves and thus also share ourselves with another with Love, Respect, Consciousness and Sincerity.

🌱 Let's affirme in this mantra:

I free myself from all guilt, I break all repression, my body is mine and it is sacred, I honor my creative energy, I am a sexual instinct. I enjoy, I enjoy and I live in abundance.

How are you? Do you feel called to become intimate with your own sexuality?

Do you have your natal Venus present?

👁I am Venus in Virgo

I read you, I hug you
Agu 💜