Venus in Taurus, rediscovering our values, resources and priorities.
The invitation to stop, contemplate and love each other again.

Love is presence, it is now, tuning that connection through a full, conscious, deep breath.

Let's go back to the present moment, stop the mind, the hyper-productive demand. Let's get out of automatic pilot and inhabit this porous, sentient, permeable body, what does it tell us?

Today a massage, a nap, a hug is really good for us.

Within all this maelstrom, behind all the anxieties, there is a subtle frequency, full of joy, hidden in slow time, in the art of Being who essentially and naturally you are.

There, in that frequency you discover your Peace, the opportunity to live and cultivate your patience, affirming life, temperance, organic nature and therefore perfect. .

How rich it feels when we give ourselves a moment of calm, of pleasure, of pampering.
May this gift be said, this encounter with the softness and tenderness that makes us deeply human, that it is necessary to connect with joy, gratitude, simplicity and with oneself, the very abundance.

All the pleasure that your body hides, that your soul encrypts, is available to you now, if you allow it, if you think you deserve it, if you love yourself.

Give yourself your moment of love, ecstasy, calm.

Today I affirm that My body is my temple, and it contains itself a wonderful feast, the celebration of all life.

Today I give myself my time, my space to explore my 5 senses, I connect with aromas, textures, sensations and thus reconnect with myself, with you and with all the beings that inhabit our Mother Earth.

Are you giving yourself a mime?

Allow yourself to stop, feel, rest, thank and love each other again.

I read you, I hug you



Art @realfunwow