❤ It is Love that has the power to drive away fear and in turn, it is fear that takes us away from love.

☯️Like polarities that surround us and enmesh us, we have to take a deep breath and choose again what is the engine that moves me today? How do I face my day, my work, my body, my mind, my relationships? from fear? or from love? Every time we feel fear we are being taken by our shadow, it catches us hooking ourselves with what happened to us in the past, with what was not and hurt, then we unconsciously replicate it in the present and as if we could not live it in a different way we recreate it in today.

♏When those wounds open, the spasm returns and the desire to flee from the pain, memory can serve as a teacher, but sometimes it screams so loud that it deafens us, captures us and does not allow us to distinguish what is real from what is not , then instead of going through and healing it we relive it once more, confirming it.

⚡Let’s light up this shadow, let’s unmask the ghost, break the pattern, let’s give ourselves a chance to change, to enjoy life and our relationships. Let us affirm that we are others, that we have learned, grown, that we are healing and updating what we have experienced, let us take advantage of the fact that we have the opportunity to live a different love starting today. Do we open ourselves to new experiences? or do we boycott them out of fear? We choose to repeat or transform?

If we resist, we disconnect from Love, from the Source of vital energy, we lose tenderness, goodness, friendship, peace, faith, joy, adventure, let’s choose the magic of a Multicolor Life! Let us affirm that fear does not follow us anymore, we no longer run away from it, we stand up, we look at it in the face, we embrace it, we cry it and we dissolve it in acceptance. Now we can observe it, dismantle it, yell at it, undress it, speak and write about it, look for the root, the scene that gave rise to it, the repeated pattern and put that mechanism in evidence so that it stops controlling us.

👥Now the Shadow is no longer taboo, but a space where we enter to seek our medicine to choose to BE LOVE again. What do they say? Do we risk everything for love?

🙋🏼‍♀️ Here I say Yes!
I hug & love you all

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