The Love that you give and receive with others is equal to the Love that you feel for yourself

Honor yourself, choose yourself, have the courage to be who you always dreamed of being Transiting a Sky with Venus in Leo It is time to love and give ourselves to life, giving ourselves space to shine is an act of self-love, to affirm the I Am, the vibrant essence in total presence, I need to see myself to see you and thus share us. It is time to be who we came to be, this is an act of generosity and gratitude to life.

To do what gives us happiness and joy grow, multiply it, feel that we deserve to enjoy more.

What are you passionate about? how much space do you give to your pleasure? to your creativity? Do you give yourself permission to be?

“Each person shines with their own light among all the others. No two fires are alike. There are big fires and small fires and fires of all colors. There are people with serene fire, who do not even notice the wind, and people with crazy fire who it fills the air with sparks. Some fires, silly fires, do not light or burn; but others burn life with such passion that one cannot look at them without blinking, and whoever approaches it lights up “. Eduardo Galeano

To shine my love! let magic sprout from your heart!

Do you have planets in Leo? Do you connect with the force of your Sun?

I read you, I feel you, I hug you
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