🌈The #Love and our Links are nourished from the Essence in #Friendship, let's walk the beautiful bridge that opens us to others, let's connect, let's open ourselves to the experience of loving and playing.
We are attracted to intelligence, for what inspires us to create, we will share talks, laughter, games and diversity.

#Venus transiting #Gemini

Venus rules Love, #Attraction, #Magnetism, #Art, #Beauty and Feminine Energy, present in all Beings. Venus invites and incites, it is receptive, it is fully open to feeling and sharing. The Goddess motivates us to Be in Openness, Dance and Flow in Life. Give and Receive in Harmony, being in the Presence, Here and Now. It also governs internal and external values, Resources, Money and Assets.

It is a good time to ask ourselves: Am I connecting in Love and Self-Worth?

If I AM REALLY WITH ME, Desire makes Body and Presence. If I can count on me, I feel open to love and enjoy with others. Creating a new vibration of Bond, Value and Enjoyment of Life.

What I wish? What is beauty to me? Am I receptive? I open to share? What is love? And sexuality? What do I attract?

Vibrating Gemini invites us to open ourselves to a new way of Feeling and Thinking in relationships.
Life Changes, showing me a World of Different Possibilities. New Perspectives, Ideas, Characters, Information and Paths of Multiplicity. Awaken the Mind in Curiosity.

🤸‍♀️ I'm a Niñe, I want to learn, have fun and play. Great Intellectual Stimulus and Bonding. I discover myself Flowing with others, I am sociable, I convert, exchange, laugh, share, connect. The different finds me and I let myself go, I am Mutable, adaptable, flexible, free and even. Let us make Conscious our current state of Thought, Communication and Learning.

Do you know your natal Venus?

Do you have natal planets in Gemini? And in Sagittarius?

Are you connecting with new ways of thinking?

I invite you to leave me your comment and send me a private message to work with your process and your natal chart.
Agu 💜