💫Love yourself, value yourself, focus and take care of yourself, it is time to commit to yourself, to your essence, honor your process and respect the dance of your own rhythm.

Do not compare yourself, do not over-demand yourself, there are no previous models where your essence fits, there is no mold for your love.

We are connecting with the energy of #Venus in #Capricorn, vibrating from November 5 to March 6, extended season since here it will retrograde. What do I say yes to? What do I say no to? How does that answer feel inside of me?

🕯Re-statement of values, priorities and goals. Where do you want to go? What pre-concept of success of others continues to condition you? Can you cut for a while with that voice that lives asking you for productivity? What space do you give to enjoyment, to celebration in your life? to feel your emotions, honor your real needs and update.

This adventure that we call Life is a process of constant, cyclical movement, it is not a race, it is not a competition, there is no goal, there is no end, simply an eternal present that is confirmed in each inhalation. We need to get in deep contact with our vulnerability, honor tenderness and intimate spaces. Rest, pampering and hugging are key to continuing.

🌍The collective reality is super agitated, so it is up to each of us to give ourselves a moment to get out of the maelstrom, the automatic pilot, stop to breathe, feel, inhabit and record what the real need is. Recap where I come from and celebrate the place, the reality that I have created until today.

🌟If you feel that you are very tired, I invite you to let go of the whip for a moment, that tyrannical character that we carry inside, the hyper criticism, the self-demand of the impossible and that you go down to earth, to connect with your body, which is your temple, the first vehicle and channel of all manifestation, sit, stretch, dance, massage, smell lavender and jasmine, allow your 5 senses to bring you to the here and now.

🔮The Key in this time is to re-root, to put bare feet on the ground, on the grass and reconnect with the nature that we are.

🙌Fill yourself with patience and a lot of love, to discover your own rhythm, do not compare yourself, nobody is like you, everyone has their essence, their time, their history, their experience.

👻Don’t judge, don’t judge yourself, love yourself a little more every day, say nice things until you believe them, Your courage and your self-love are your treasure. Priority and focus put us on the right path, let the Soul guide.

How are you feeling? Do you know your natal venus? can you register the much needed new limit?

I read you, I hug you

aGu 🙏