Feeling #Venus in #Aries.

Time to turn on and reset ourselves, decreeing that we are ready for this new cycle, operating from love, rediscovering ourselves in movement and reborn in the will to manifest our most precious desire.

Venus asks us, Are we connecting in Love and Self Worth?

If I AM REALLY WITH ME, then Desire takes Body and Presence. Counting on myself and then opening up to love and enjoy with others. Creating a new vibration of Bond, Value and Enjoyment of Life. Venus rules Love, Attraction, Magnetism, Art, Beauty and Feminine Energy, present in all Beings. Venus invites and incites, it is Receptive, it is fully open to feeling and sharing. The Goddess teaches us to Be in Openness and Dance with Life. Giving and Receiving in Harmony, the Presence of the Here and Now, also governs the internal and external values, Resources, Money and Goods.

What I wish? What is beauty to me? Am I receptive? I open to share? What is love? And sexuality? What do I attract? Are we aware of our Desire? Are we giving you direction? How do we bond with the desire for the other? Can we meet halfway? And what are you doing for yourself? do you feel comfortable in your independence? Are you energizing life with your willpower? What are you doing for your Fire today?

Today I decide and move forward, I Channel my Strength, I run, I dance, I play sports, I perspire. I am Courage, Courage and Decision. I throw myself on my way, I Am, strengthening my Will. I discover myself as an Entrepreneur and Independent. I lead my life, motivating and including others. I am the best version of Me, Here and Now. Thanks to Self Love, I feel Certainty and Clarity, from the relationship with me I attract people who resonate in my Commitment of Love and Freedom. Relationships where we mutually motivate each other to Grow, to be the best of the Self. I value myself, I value you. What I give myself, I share with you, I open my Heart, I embrace my Vulnerability. Love is Space and Freedom.

Do you feel the fire? Are you magnetizing your desire? They gamble for what turns their life on?

Here I tell you that we are fully, very passionate about this new chapter in my life, learning many new things, inspired, motivated, putting my body and spirit in every moment of my day.
I love the Arian season, it is my north node and I always treat myself to beautiful evolutionary challenges and today I say YES!

I read you, i feel you.