♒ # Venus in #Aquarius from February 2 to 26 joins the Stellium with #Sol, #Mercurio, #Jupiter and #Saturn.

🌟Let's try new things, another idea, another flavor, another color, let's listen to new music, let's experience a new path today. Let us spontaneously experiment, listening to the changes, the breezes that come in to change the perception we had of ourselves and of what we call reality.

🕯Today I affirm with all my Being, that All life is here and now, in this instant where the heart is beating.

🙏There are no longer ties to the past, or attachments, I free myself, I discover myself light, spontaneous and with full confidence I surrender myself to this divine present, full of magic and mystery. It is here in full contact with my breath, in Consciousness and Observation, that my vibration, my mind and my word align and create what is manifested in front of my eyes.

🌌I accept the creative void, where everything is divinely possible and I inhabit, imagine, dream, visualize, create and materialize my evolutionary destiny. In each link I take the possibility of meeting a new version of my Infinite Being.

😍I am amazed at how magical life is, it excites me to discover magic, to affirm life.
💫Today I am launching to move energy, to circulate joy, to weave networks, to build bridges of connection with my community, to inspire us, change, advance and create a brighter and more inclusive future for all beings on this beautiful Blue Planet and beyond. .

👁 Wake up, open your eyes, give yourself a moment, to rediscover yourself, love you, honor you and play to capture those possibilities that are available when we dare to leave the mold, the past, the false control for a non-existent future and simply affirm that It is in this day that we are creating our whole life.

⚠️Attentis to anxiety, let's learn to channel in fertile places so as not to saturate our body and mind. Both Aquarius has us vibrating adrenaline, let's use it responsibly, in pursuit of freedom and collective evolution.

⚡Feel the ray of light that breaks through, opening the perception, allowing that Magical Child Artist to emerge in you.

Loving is urgent, it is now.
I read you, I hug you
# agustinacanavesi # astrology