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It is urgent to be present. Inhabiting what IS, embracing who I AM right now, we are going to Re-Know ourselves.
There is a gift here, if we refine our listening, we re-calibrate our gaze and focus on what is manifest. Let us attend to the sensation in our body, what is it telling us?

Let's breathe deeply, let go of all tension in the yawn, sigh, shout, shake the boycott, transpire what we no longer want to carry inside. Let us detach ourselves from the judgment, from the sentence that crosses thought. Let's go slower to perceive life beating inside.

Presence is bringing us back, breathing consciously, enjoying the air, expanding every microsecond of oxygen. Inhaling, bringing the air to the belly, re-vitalizing our magnetic center. Let us surrender to the energetic flow, let us keep it inside, a little more, I perceived being full, vibrant with vital energy, so full !!!

Liberate yourself, exhale, empty yourself, let go of past, future, control, attachment. Inhabit the void and choose life again in a new inhalation. You are light, like a feather, you can perceive the currents of energy that inspire you to movement, now you are present to dance with what the magic of this moment proposes.

All Life is now, here is the chance to make your wishes come true, receive and thank. Feed your Flame and multiply it, give yourself to be reborn, from now on you are who you always dreamed of being. Anchor yourself in your axis, your sacred fire, you have the power and the will to move your reality, you are a creator, an entrepreneur, pure courage. You have the right to decide and act for what you want for your life, you are the protagonist and director of your film.

Open your eyes discover for the first time who you are, see who is next to you, honor their presence, connect with everything that makes up this scene, this is your reality.

Exit the automation, erase the cassette that says you already know everything, hack and reset.

Atenti! Life, Magic, Love and Relationships rot when we define that we already know each other. Thank you for being and being here at this moment.

I read them, I hug them
Art @ paula.litu
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