The #Sun enters in #Taurus, season from 4/20 to 5/20
This sign of #Earth, teaches us how to slow down, listen to the body, recognize our true nature 
and embrace our own process, that can not be compared or measured with other people's rods, 
this requires a lot of courage and love to discover what we truly need. 
Time to give space and attention to pleasure, what we enjoy and commit to providing it.

This month will be full of changes that will allow us to update and reaffirm the practice of self-love and self-care.
As we understand and embrace our true value, it becomes more and more evident when a bond no longer reflects us, when a relationship, a habit or a group of belonging becomes an energy loss and we have to accept that we were never valued there. , not because there is something wrong in those spaces, but because now I am changing, respecting and valuing myself.

Those who want to enjoy the privilege of being and being part of our lives will have to earn their space with sincerity, respect and love for our person and that will come in a mirror, only if those other things are also aware of their value.

The moment we begin to love each other, we are able to set limits, to mark the edge, to say aloud what is and what is not. Then there is no longer room to tolerate those who do not share the same vision of the value that we deserve. It is not easy to stand up, it is more important for the practice of Self-Love, you will know that you value yourself when you say no and you can be with you while others criticize you for not continuing to be indebted in unconditional giving. Many will be scared and will call you selfish for no longer investing your time and energy where you used to run to beg for attention, their whims and manipulations will come, they will try to make you feel guilty and abandon your process, you will feel the temptation to return to empty belonging. But you are already full of love, you already know what it feels like to count on you and you will choose yourself again.
Let's not boycott each other anymore, let's not be afraid of loneliness, that emptiness is necessary to re-choose who I really want to be and be with. The determination to return to the precious self-esteem of the Being who you originally are, brings many changes and challenges, among them leaving behind people, habits, circles that will be left behind, as a reflection of your old version.

Now is the time to return to you, to your love, to your infinite power!

Do they have planets in Taurus?

This is my native moon.

I love me, I love you, I love us