Sagittarius season from November 22 to December 20.

We are following the Path of the Sun, center of our planetary system, Lighthouse of Evolution and Awakening of Consciousness.
We come from the Scorpio season, where our “black box” was opened and now a new sense emerges, the Light and the rebirth of everything learned in the previous phase, we have taken advantage of the last month to enter the alchemical process of finding ourselves with our shadow? do we feel transmuting the unconscious into pure consciousness? do we take the chance to discover the treasure that our emotions hide?

From that deep and sincere encounter, a new path is now enabled for the unfolding of the Soul. The Sun illuminates Sagittarius, a mutable, adaptable, creative and passionate sign. Something unlocks and begins to flow, it is time to connect with resilience and the desire to live our life as a wonderful adventure. Let’s open ourselves to this energy, let’s go out and live Life, let’s look for new experiences, let’s share, let’s choose the bonds that add up, that fill us with joy, those people who mirror us, complement us and challenge us to grow, let’s discover in the encounter the master key towards the true essence of our Being.

We dance with the constant movement of life, we perceive the permanent flow of signals, messages and information that is available if we are open to listening. Life is a journey full of possibilities, where we meet people who connect us directly with our new versions, launch into new experiences, let intuition guide us on this path of evolution.

Sagittarius is the Centaur, the inclusive force, the Holy Trinity that runs through us in Mind + Body + Soul. Let’s look for Coherence and Unity between the rational, mental, social and bonding Human Being + the horse, our animal, instinctive, sexual, wild and physical part + the arrow of Heaven, the connection with God, Heaven, Spirituality and Communion of Life. Let’s tune, tune our instrument and dedicate ourselves to what fills us with gratitude and happiness, we are going to trust, to flow, surrendering ourselves to the organic movement of the Universe, letting our Being expand, connecting with magic and joy every day.

Observe your natal chart, in which houses does this energy vibrate? Do you have planets in Sagittarius? and in Gemini?

We are already in the Eclipses season, there is nothing light, everything vibrates intense, so let’s give ourselves a chance to go through this whole process of collective transformation attending to what the Soul guides. Let’s connect with our essence of Love and trust the Universe that contains and inhabits us.

i read you, i hug you