#Eclipse of #Luna Full Moon in #Sagittarius, Closing cycle, karmic movements for # personal and collective evolution. The belief system is hacked that is exhausted and has become a prison. We are going to disarm ideas installed, crystallized in the "I am like this", "the only way", "I am right", those lines that can be our own or inherited, those rigid "truths" that condition us and do not allow us to open the look and heart.

What happens if I let go of that truth that I have been holding on to? does this question my identity? my membership in the group? Does the way of thinking and living of others scare me? What religion have I blindly adopted? What ideology am I fanatically clinging to? do I respect diversity or do I judge?

⚡Certainty, institutions, beliefs, idealized gurus, the morality that requires us to live behind a facade, cultural customs, philosophies, religions, political positions fall. If I have over-identified there, the collapse arrives, we have to question and update. Disbelief to choose again, doubt to trust again, unlearn to play again and let ourselves be carried away by what life is bringing as a new opportunity.

👁It is time to be grateful and contemplate, we no longer force ourselves, we stop wanting to control everything, this exceeds us, there are emotions that we cannot rationalize, we have to inhabit them, feel them and know them in depth.

🕯If we live the present moment with humility and take care of what is right for us now, we say yes to life, affirming that we lovingly trust in it.

  Maybe we don't understand it right now, but then we can give it a new meaning. Thanks to the fear that taught me so much, thanks to the crisis that woke me up, I honor my past and let go, I understand that there is a "why" of this experience that I live today, I trust that it helps me to be who I essentially am.

🔥In #Resilience, intuition awakens, that internal voice that sees beyond the obvious and listens to the rhythm of synchronicity. 💫I let myself be guided by the wisdom of my Spirit, I understand that the doors that are closed give way to new windows and opportunities to grow.

How are you feeling?

I read you, I hug you
Agu 💜
#astrology #agustinacanavesi