🐉 “Let’s turn around the story that they do not stop telling: it is not Blue Princes who can save us, but the dragon in the cave that lives in captivity” Casilda Rodrigañez

🌈We are the Goddess

🙏 Lets honor and celebrate all the Femenine united, we are the Key in this process of Terrestrial transition. We are healing, empowering and creating a new Humanity.

🙏Today is Day of Fight, Memory and Visibility of not only the social construction that we call Woman, but of the feminine energy that we deeply are.

♀The Sacred Feminine connects us with our internal world, it is the possibility of flowing in the continuous dance of our emotions and thus discovering the treasure that lives in our Vulnerability, Medicine and the Gift of Loving, of giving and receiving in Love.

How are you honoring your feminine energy today?

I read you, I hug you
Agu 🧜‍♀️