This society is collapsing, the old normality no longer exists, the facades, the illusion of perfection, the demand for hyper productivity, the demand to always be perfect, to live idealizing, pursuing impossible goals, to be fascinated by being 100% light. , this is all over. We can no longer evade the shadow, deny the pain, or cover the discomfort, we have to make it body and give it space to inhabit discomfort, uncertainty, the feeling of helplessness and self-boycott. You have to go through the hangover, feel the headache, treat the indigestion, sincerely go through the process, which does not skip, do not go ahead, it is always through, it is not worth kicking it for later, we already know the boomerang effect of the shadow returning with more force every time.

What you deny, cover or discard, where do you think it goes? Don't tell me that you still convince yourself that if you stop seeing it, it just disappears? Or if you put it under the rug, it doesn't exist anymore?
Of course not! We already realized, that it persists, that it is still latent, that it returns to visit us with another name, with another face, that it takes a thousand forms and manifests itself over and over again as an unbearable loop until you dare to grasp it, accept it and learn with the.

It's time to get into the mud, get into our own process, go deep, take a deep dive, let's try a nap, rest, dance, perspiration, let's give writing, vomiting, meditation a chance. Let's open ourselves to scream therapy, to be and do astrology, to immerse ourselves in biodecoding, purging, detoxing, fasting, constellations, catharsis with friends.
It is time to accept that we are a being of light and shadow, that we have a soul full of wounds, that we carry fear, pain, trauma, and unresolved issues, that travel with us through life.

There are memories of pain in this body, there are traumas and ghosts in this psyche that stop and at the same time recreate the pattern, nest in this heart emotions of what I lost, of what I gained and also deep there awaits the treasure, the potential of what I can heal and release if I love and accept myself with my ghosts today.

Emotions that we have denied, projected onto others, and postponed for so long now implode, asking for space, attention, and release. The unconscious takes strength and is revealed, it is time to look at the Shadow, to enter the wound, which contains the medina that we need so much to heal.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn from April 25 to October 4, life calls us to review inherited structures, formats and patterns, imposed by the Society, embedded in the family clan, those that we repeat without stopping to question. It is time to see the defenses, the armor, undress to detoxify and alchemize.
Situations from the past return, toxic, abusive relationships, the dynamics that we repeat mechanically are glimpsed, as we feel in the bonds, the Power games. We feel the volcano inside, it is activated, the drives emerge, the repressed desire, control, manipulation, our fears, addictions, our primal, animal, sexual part.
The pull of internal struggle, our most destructive side versus the creative pulse. We observed what was Hidden. How do I Live the Great Mystery of Being and Being Vivx? I close my eyes, look inward. I descend into the Depths, I enter into intimacy.
Going through the Shadow brings Pain, but it is necessary to go deep. Releasing the Past is that we change the Present, it is time to Drain to Purify. Let die what is no longer Vital, make a deep introspection, immerse ourselves in our deepest psyche to be reborn. It is Time for Review and reconnection with Personal Power. I feel my Energy, my Sexuality, my Instincts, the depth of my Psyche. Am I Conscious of the Power of this Great Force? If I avoid it, it remains in Shadow and is immensely Destructive, more if I accept it, I look at it head on and I am about to transmute it, it becomes Light and Creativity.
Behind the Fear and Resistance that stop us from being who we were, there is a great Hidden Potential, latent, waiting for us. We are summoned to the Transformation, let us release old skins to make the leap to Evolution.
What is your wound talking about today?

i read you, i hug you


Arte @hernancassiodoro