What brings you to Presence? to breathe? a scent? a song? dance? to sing? to meditate?

Whatever brings you into your presence, discover it, search for it, practice it day by day, give it to yourself. It is in the present moment where the magic occurs, where the Consciousness awakens and the Being finds its anchor point.

Let’s turn off the mind for a while, accelerate it, let us release what happened, which no longer conditions us. Let us release the future, what is coming is only an imaginary that is born from what we are nurturing, believing and creating today.
Recognize yourself, celebrate, resort to your tools, observe all the magic keys you have, (I tell you and I tell myself), let’s be friends with ourselves, give us our hand to go through each process. Let us be present, patient, humble to enjoy the learning that this new phase of the process brings. Let us inhabit our mind, our body and our emotions with more love, with more tenderness each time. Let’s open new spaces to re-meet with ourselves in introspection and meditation. Let’s listen to ourself with the 5 senses. Let’s take advantage of this moment to plant our intentions for a new and better chapter in our Evolutionary Path.

We are creating a new version, a new reality more akin to who we are and need today. The priorities have changed and the focus is on what is essential, on what is full of love and brings us peace.

What do you dream? what do you want? what do you want?
Design it, draw it, write it, visualize it!

Dreams are Seeds, they are planted, cared for, watered, this is the time to choose what new project to start creating and manifesting. Let’s take advantage of this Sun – Moon Unit in Virgo to make conscious what we need to update in terms of routines, habits, work, order, service and food. There is a call for reconnection with Life, with natural cycles, with the Earth as a living organism that provides us with a home and food. Let us practice Gratitude, Let us honor the Life that we are today.
This is a new time for humanity, the Systemic Consciousness is awakening more and more, it is already very clear that we are not isolated individuals who need to create a new form of community. We discovered that we are a link, that we are always involved in the history of others, that everything we do, say, consume and create generates an impact and modifies the entire network.

Let us assume the responsibility and the right to be Co-Creators of this Reality.

How are you? Do you feel the call to reconnect?

I read you, I hug you