Time of Alchemy, only by entering the Dark will we discover the Light. The Sowing Portal opens for a new emotional cycle, the Sun and Moon unite in Scorpio, opposing Uranus in Taurus, activating all the intensity that characterizes that zodiacal axis. We are going to act on what we need to heal and transform, it is time to look at the wound again, that side of life that stresses us, calls for attention and care.

Do you know that what hurts you so much has your medicine encrypted?
We are like a scorpion, we have the poison and at the same time, the antidote that relieves us. You have to enter, look at the monster in the face, name it, know it, undress it to be able to truly see it, go to the root of that pain, untangle the threads to see what generated that fear, there in the depths is the healing potential of your shadow.

Let’s become aware of what no longer allows us to grow, it is key that we commit to breaking with self-boycott, attachment, dependence and those dynamics that no longer give for more, now it is time to let go, only inhabiting that empty space, we can give place to the chapter that is about to begin in our lives.

The wound opens and asks us to look again at our fears, the relationship with our own Shadow, with the pending issues of the past that we can no longer cover, let’s take advantage of this moment to update ourselves, observe the path we have traveled, face a therapeutic process, a detoxification deep. We need to resignify our experiences, free ourselves from old backpacks, return to the present to listen to the body and reconnect with desire.

Let us purge the soul of grudges, guilt, envy and dense feelings that separate us from our personal power. Let’s delve into the exploration of our Sexuality, let’s investigate new forms of enjoyment and sensoriality. The work is from the inside, we are draining, sweating, crying, releasing, releasing. Meditating, contemplating emotions, lovingly inhabiting the body, connecting with the source of vital energy.

If we take this opportunity to sow and cultivate the Being, in 6 months, when the next Full Moon in Scorpio is (May 2022), it will be revealed to us in harvest, illuminating the process.

If I do my part, Conscious in my Creality, I will see the result of my commitment, otherwise it will continue to be a pending issue.

In wich area of ​​your chart does this opportunity open? Do you have planets in Taurus-Scorpio?

I read you, I hug you